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Learning during a challenging period: COVID 19

By Himali Ekanayake

With our most modern LMS and Zoom technology, TIMES CAMPUS facilitates learning online. Our
academic and management teams have taken every step possible to make online studies a user-friendly
and joyful experience during this challenging period.
TIMES CAMPUS took timely action to close the gap while practicing social distancing while most of the
student population the world over cannot access such facilities in their home countries and academic
institutes, too, have failed to offer this.

On our LMS platform, you will enjoy our courses:

  1. Teaching:     Diploma in Teaching English, Higher Diploma in Teaching English, B.Ed. in Teaching                                  English as a Foreign Language [top-up],
  2. Counselling: Diploma in Counselling Psychology, a Higher diploma in Counselling psychology.
  3. English: Diploma in English, Diploma in Conversational English

What is next after AL?

You can continue your journey in higher and professional education in a technology-driven learning environment. Our campus is equipped with smart-boards to bring modern technology into the classroom for interactive learning. We offer both on-campus and online studies for the range of courses on offer. Our LMS is designed to make learning effective and efficient through the uploading of lesson materials and submission of assignments according to a monitored timetable. By using learner-friendly teaching-learning materials, we facilitate lively and interactive online discussions through multiple strategies. All courses are delivered on time by conducting all the examinations online.

EFEAT - English For Everybody At TIMES

By Nimali Kulathunga

EFEAT English For Everybody At TIMES– is a rapid speech development programme conducted by the Department of English & Modern Languages for students of all courses at the auditorium from 8.30 am-12.30 pm on Friday.

This progarmme ceremonially started on 04th September, 2020, with the participation of students, Chief Operating Officer, academic staff and administrative staff of TIMES CAMPUS. This is designed to enhance English language speaking skills of all campus students.

EFEAT supports and develops English language skills of all campus students using a step-by-step process, encouraging students to explore and practice in their studies and day-to-day life.  Students get the opportunity to engage in various activities such as role play, debates, singing, storytelling, quizzes and many more.

In line with our change of delivery mode, we are now ready to deliver EFEAT online.