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Certificate in Full Stack Web Application Development

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Computing Department 


Certificate level


 04 months

Total Hours




Anyone who is interested in Web Development

Completion of O/L Examination

Certificate level

Module Title

  • Awareness of the program and overview of the Course. Introduction to the MVC framework
  • Understand 3 tier architecture and MVC architecture
  • Application Programming Interface and its different usages
  • Developed full API-based web application with Node and Express
  • Differentiate API-based applications from non-API based systems
  • Web Services and their different usages
  • Understand and work with WSDL and SOAP concepts
  • Understand about React components and ES-6 features
  • Application Development with MVC framework (Using Laravel framework)
  • Develop API-based web applications using the MVC framework
  • Develop components-based reusable frontend by using React
  • Configure and develop REST full web application (MEAN Stack)
  • Mini Project: Develop API based full stack web application
  • Power Point Presentation of Students
  • Review of Lessons

Multimedia Presentation and Online Projects

04 months


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