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Higher Diploma in Teaching English

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Language Department 


Higher Diploma


Fulltime – 06 months
Part-time – 12 months

Total Hours


Mode of Delivery 


English Teachers & English Medium Teachers willing to pursue higher education-
the first step towards earning B.Ed. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Candidates who have Obtained Diploma in Teaching English from TIMES Campus or

Diploma in Teaching with SLQF Level 3 or NVQ 4 or

Serving English Teachers with experience and acceptable Diploma in Teaching or

English medium teachers with experience and acceptable Diploma in Teaching

Semester 01

Semester 02

Semester 01

Core Component for Secondary Schools

  • English Language Skills for Teachers II
  • Study Skills for Higher Education II
  • ICT & Educational Technology in ELT II
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Based School II

Professional Component for Secondary Schools

  • Teaching Practice II
  • Education Psychology II
  • Language Testing & Evaluation II

Semester 02

  • Guidance & Counselling II
  • Philosophy of Education & Sociology of Education II

Specialization Component for Secondary Schools

  • Sri Lankan English in the ESL context
  • Teaching English Literature-O/L Syllabus II
  • Teaching English Language Skills-Grade 6-11-II
  • ELT Methodology in Second Language Teaching II
  • Study of ELT Materials & Development-Project II
  • Second Language Acquisition I
  • Academic Essay
End Semester Exam [ two exams]
Continuous Assessment- Assignments, Presentations, Project-Developing Lesson Plans & ELT Materials, Portfolio
Academic Essay

Fulltime – 06 months 

Part-time – 12 months 

Online – Fulltime/ Part-time/ Evening

On – campus -campus – Fulltime/ Part-time/ Evening


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