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Higher Diploma in English

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Language Department 


Higher Diploma


Fulltime – 06 months
Part-time – one year
Evening – one year

Total Hours



Part Time

A/L completers, school leavers, those aspiring to follow higher
education in English medium, English Teachers and employed persons

Candidates who have Obtained Diploma in English SLQF 3 from SIBA Campus or

Diploma in English with SLQF Level 3 or NVQ 4 or

A/L completers with a pass in English Literature or

Serving English Teachers with experience or

Any acceptable English qualification

Semester 01

Semester 02

Semester 01

  • Advanced English Grammar & Vocabulary Development Skills
  • Advanced English Speaking & Listening Skills
  • Advanced English Writing & Reading Skills
  • Techniques of Higher Education
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Academic Essay Writing Skills
  • Introduction to English Literature Study Skills
  • Communicative Writing I
  • Introduction to English Creative Writing Skills

Semester 02

  • Communicative Writing II
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Introduction to Public Speaking Skills
  • Analytical Reading
  • Analytical Writing
  • Effective Discourse Skills
  • Introduction to English Literature
  • Advanced English Pronunciation Skills
  • Project – Academic Essay
Written Examinations, Continuous Assessment- Assignments
Project-Academic Essay

Fulltime – 06 months (08.30 am – 03.30 pm from Monday to Friday)

Part-time – one year (08.30 am -03.30 pm on Saturday or Sunday)

Evening – one year (3.00 pm -6.00 pm on Tuesday & Thursday)

Online – Fulltime/ Part-time/ Evening

Start online and transfer to on-campus later – Fulltime/ Part-time/ Evening

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