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“Innovation in Learning from You Partner in Higher Education”

Modern Lecture Halls

All the lecture halls are equipped with air conditioning, smart boards, multi-media projectors, computers, internet, and appropriate seating arrangements in line with the current situation plus technology rich options. Besides, ample space is available for meetings, conference, self-study, individual and group work. Located in a peaceful and calm environment, TIMES CAMPUS can offer the discerning students all the modern facilities in a clam atmosphere for seeking new heights in their chosen paths.


The library offers a range of services to support the information needs of student and staff community at TIMES CAMPUS. Our library is well stocked with the latest books, CD/DVD, research publications related to languages, management, counselling psychology, Buddhism and Information Technology. In addition to the academic reading the library provides a good amount of leisure reading and books for soft skills development. Library services enable students to access a broad range of electronic journals and electronic books on a 24-7 basis.

Learning Management System

The Learning Management System is used to create an interactive and personalised student learning experience. It provides all students who have registered for courses and students can log on to the LMS using their credentials. Students are encouraged to utilize the resources including the course materials and they can participate in the online lectures through LMS. This facility helps students enhance the quality and effectiveness of their studies.

Student Societies

Several Student Forums organise various events covering a wide variety of interests for students to attend at TIMES CAMPUS. The primary purpose of such forums is to help their personality development, develop leadership and communication skills besides promoting the practice of CSR in an academic environment. Students carry out various projects, in addition to their studies, in their search for success in life as productive citizens.

Health and Student Welfare

Steps have been taken to provide students with a sickroom under the supervision of a maid in case students need such attention. This room is with equipped with proper sickroom furniture with a first aid box.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga

TIMES CAMPUS is committed to promoting peaceful citizens by providing the students with sufficient exposure to meditation, mindfulness, & yoga through short term practice sessions incorporated into the academic curriculum. In addition, there are short-term and long term courses for interested students to follow under the guidance of expert practitioners.