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Post Graduate




This is a 3-year PhD programme which requires candidates to engage in six semesters of comprehensive study to complete.


Total Hours

03 years


Part Time

Qualified teachers, principals, teacher educators, directors of education in both government and private sectors and those interested in earning post graduate research degree in education.

  • A Master’s Degree [M.Ed., M.A. or M.Phil.] in Education from a recognized university either with research or without research or
  • A Master’s Degree in any subject with at least five years of teaching experience either in primary, secondary or tertiary institutions.
  • FIRST YEAR: Two Semesters Module:
  1. Research Methodology
  2. Proposal Writing
  • SECOND YEAR :Two Semesters
  1. Publications /Edited Articles – One Per Semester
  • THIRD YEAR /FINAL YEAR : Two Semesters
  1. Submission of Thesis -60, 000 words


  1. ELT Studies- English Language Teaching
  2. Educational Management & Leadership
  3. Comparative Education and Current Issues in Education
  4. Inclusive Education & Child Rights
  5. Educational Counselling Psychology
  6. Philosophy of Education
  7. Curriculum Development
  8. Teacher Education
  9. STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Education
  10. Education Program Evaluation
  11. Instructional Designing
  12. Learning Assessment and Evaluation
  13. Buddhist Education
  • Candidates complete course work on Research Methodology and Proposal Writing in the first year.
  • In the second year, candidates write two articles on a pre-agreed topic for publication in the e-journal to be published by TIMES CAMPUS, relating to the research area for the thesis to complete the PhD degree.
  • TIMES CAMPUS is committed to promoting critical thinking among students of higher degree programs and therefore contact sessions/ online sessions are conducted where students engage in interactive learning by making presentations, discussing and debating on the assigned readings, where the supervisor moderates and helps all candidates
  • Each Ph.D. candidate must present a synopsis in the 3rd semester and the supervisor will review the proposal and the candidate can proceed with the research.
  • The candidate should produce the thesis according to the guidelines given by the Faculty of Post Graduate Studies of TIMES CAMPUS.
  • Courses will be offered on Research Methodology & Proposal Writing. Together, two Articles for publication will form the continuous assessment.
  • The thesis topic with a synopsis of methodology should be submitted to the Faculty of Post Graduate Studies of TIMES CAMPUS and the supervisor must approve it one month prior to the commencement of the research.
  • A PhD candidate must produce a 60,000 -word thesis for the degree and face a viva voce examination. The thesis should be submitted by the end of the second semester of the third year and will be examined and evaluated by the supervisor with the approval of the Board of Study of TIMES CAMPUS.
  • A candidate is allowed to complete the course work and other requirements of the PhD degree programme within a maximum period of five years.

This is a 3-year PhD programme which requires candidates to engage in six semesters of comprehensive study to complete.

Research based

UGC recognized IIC University of Technology, Cambodia


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